Welcome to PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex


PARC- Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that started out as a grassroots group of local citizens who banded together to rescue, re-purpose and restore the 100 year old historical building previously known as Central Middle School and the original Plymouth High. This iconic building now known as PARC is located in the heart of downtown Plymouth and is still beloved by generations of people who attended school here. Since opening its doors in 2015, PARC has grown to house 28 other organizations providing an array of programming that coincides with its mission. PARC has truly become the destination in the Plymouth community to experience theater, art, music, dance, culinary, education, fitness, and recreation programs for all ages. PARC also continues its mission by seeking to lease office, studio, and rehearsal space to organizations that provide a wide variety of activities. This unique business model truly makes PARC "one destination with endless possibilities."

In addition, PARC rents its facilities, including a large gymnasium, 300 seat theatre, and smaller meeting rooms to individuals or organizations for any performances or events from athletic practices and competitions to special occasions like Birthdays or class reunions.

Who is at PARC?