$125,000 Dunning Grant For Pool



PARC – Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex receives grant from the Margaret Dunning Foundation $125,000 to support the renovation of swimming pool.

Plymouth, MI, December 4, 2017: PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex (PARC) has received a grant of $125,000 from the Margaret Dunning Foundation to support the renovation and modernization of the original pool built in 1952 located within its one hundred year old historic building.  The pool, pumps, filters, valves and plumbing have served tens of thousands of swimmers since that time.  Don Soenen, PARC President, stated, “After 65 years of continuous use, the mechanicals need to be replaced with more reliable state-of-the-art equipment.  The Margaret Dunning Foundation grant will allow PARC to provide safe and reliable aquatics programs for the Greater Plymouth Community for decades.”

PARC is a 501(c)3 public charity, leading the effort to convert the historic Plymouth High/Central Middle School and the 16.6 acres on which it stands, into an arts, education and recreation complex serving the Greater Plymouth Community.

The Margaret Dunning Foundation was founded by Ms. Dunning in 1997. She was born in 1910 in Redford Township, Michigan, and moved with her mother to Plymouth, Michigan in the 1920’s. During her lifetime, Ms. Dunning was a successful business woman, philanthropist and civic booster.  She was a major supporter of many Plymouth nonprofits, including the Plymouth District Library and the Plymouth Historical Society. In addition to her personal philanthropy, Ms. Dunning was a classic car enthusiast and was a regular participant in the Woodward Dream Cruise with her 1930 Packard 740 Roadster.

Ms. Dunning died in 2013 at the age of 104.  Her estate provided additional funding for the Margaret Dunning Foundation, which continues to support her charitable interests and legacy.  For more information:  www.margaretdunningfdn.org.

Release Date: Monday, December 4th, 2017

Contact Name: Don Soenen
Organization: PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex
Phone: 734-516-4053
Email: PARC650.President@gmail.com