College for Creative Studies @ PARC

If you heard the rumor that College for Creative Studies (CCS) is bringing its world-renowned curriculum to PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex this Fall 20then you heard right.  CCS has received a generous grant from the Margaret Dunning Foundation to start a program designed for teens and provide hands-on learning in the fields of automotive design, communication design, and product to design.  In addition, the grant will allow CCS to offer several Continuing Education Classes for both youth and adults.

To learn more or register go to or call (313) 664-7456.

Open House  September 16th
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
PARC 3rd Floor

Stop by and see what CCS has done with the place! Tour their 3 new classrooms and office space: hear about future programming (classes start in October); enjoy light refreshments and giveaways. Come and explore the future!


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