Q: What is PARC?

A: PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex is a 501 C (3)  Charity Organization that is filled with activities provided by the many diverse organizations that fall within the arena of arts, education, and recreation.  These independent organizations operate separately from each other and from PARC.  They each develop their own programming and do their own scheduling.  In order to make sure you get their most up to date information, our website will provide you with general information on who is at PARC and/or a variety of ways you can link directly to their website or Facebook page. Find out how to access the information you need HERE!  PARC also provides a variety of spaces to rent from a gymnasium to theatre to classrooms to meet a variety of needs if you are looking to rent/lease space call (734) 927-40990 for more information.

Q: Do I have to be a Plymouth resident in order to participate in the programs offered at PARC?
A: No, anyone can participate in programs offered at PARC. Contact the individual organization for details on programs offered, prices, etc.

Q: Is PARC the same thing as Plymouth Rec?
A: No, PARC is a private 501 (c) charitable organization that is not affiliated with the City of Plymouth or Plymouth Township.

Q: When is Pickleball offered?
A: Our schedule may change. You can access our most current schedule by clicking HERE!

Q: How much is Pickleball?
A: $4 per person or $30 for a punch card good for 10 visits

Q: When is Open Gym?
A:  For the most updated schedule click HERE.

Q: How much is Open Gym?
A: $5

Q: Do you accept credit cards for pickleball or open gym?
A: At this time, we only take payments in cash or check.

Q: What is the pool schedule?
A: Check out the pool schedule by clicking HERE!

Q: Do I need a membership for the group fitness classes? What is the price?

A: There is NO membership or contract to participate in group fitness classes.

The land fitness classes offered by Z Spot Fitness are $10 drop-in but punch cards are available for purchase and lower the class price. Click HERE for most current drop-in class schedule.

The water fitness classes offered by PARC's Aquatics Program are $7, and punch cards are also available which lowers the price per visit.   Click HERE for the most current schedule and to purchase a punch-card.

Q: How do I rent space at PARC? What is the price?
A: Email your request to plymouthparc@gmail.com or call 734-927-4090 to check availability and set up an appointment for pricing and a tour of spaces available.

Q: I’m looking to lease space for my business, what steps do I need to take?
A: Call 734-927-4090 and make an appointment to speak with Gail Grieger, Executive Director.

Q: What is the alcohol policy?
A: Please contact PARC staff at plymouthparc@gmail.com or 734-927-4090 for more information.

Q: What is Social Walking and what time is it available?
A: Social walking is a free indoor walking activity open to everyone. We have marked off a 1/3 mile route throughout the first-floor hallways, and maps are available in the PARC office.  The building is generally open for Social Walking Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm, but the hallways are generally less crowded during the morning hours.