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PARC-Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex is filled with activities provided by the many diverse organizations that have found a home within its walls. These independent organizations operate separately from each other and from PARC.  They each develop their own programming and do their own scheduling.  In order to make sure you get their most up to date information, our website will provide you with general information on who is at PARC and/or a variety of ways you can link directly to their website or Facebook page.

  • If you want a general description of all the tenants located here at PARC, click on the top menu tab “Who is at PARC”.  You can print this information by clicking on the Printable PDF link on the page.  If you want more details on one of the organizations listed, the page offers you a link to either their website or Facebook page.
  • If you want information on a specific type of activity, for example performing arts activities or fitness classes look under the “Who is at PARC” menu tab, choose and hover on the activity submenu tab. This will bring up a menu of all the organizations providing this type of activity.  You can click on the menu tab for each organization listed and be directly linked to their website or Facebook page and get their information.
  • If you know the organization’s name you desire you can access the link to their website or Facebook page by finding them on the “PARC Tenant” menu at the bottom of the page and clicking on their name.     SORRY  FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.  THIS OPTION IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION 

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