Eden Arts Cooperative –  edenarts.org

Phone: 734-474-8233            Email: edenartscoop@gmail.com 

Located in Suite 100B in PARC, The Eden Arts Cooperative exists to provide professional services to artists and arts educators in the greater Plymouth community. By facilitating collaborative opportunities at the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex, Eden aspires to lay lasting roots in Plymouth that will grow the arts for generations to come. With a focus on community outreach and a desire to offer scholarships and affordable arts education, Eden hopes to raise funds and make the arts accessible to all.

Haskins Music haskinsmusic.com

Phone: 313-300-3164           Email: haskins.music@gmail.com


In the Band Music Appreciation Studio –   inthebandstudio.com

Phone: 734-355-7031          Email: inthebandstudio@gmail.com

Nick Brandon is the owner of In the Band located in room 202 at PARC. This is a non-profit organization that was created to provide community and support for growing creators and appreciators of music in the Plymouth-Canton Area. For more information, be sure to check out the Facebook page.

Lost Voices - lostvoices.org

Email: Info@lostvoices.org

Lost Voices is a group of professional musicians who conduct song writing and performing workshops with youth in residential treatment facilities who are struggling to recover from trauma due to abuse, neglect, violence, addiction, and human trafficking. The Lost Voices experience provides these children with a profound and life-changing mixture of hope and healing. Since its founding in 2007 by singer-songwriter and award-winning humorist Mike Ball, the group has touched the lives of more than 2,500 children.

Michigan Philharmonic & Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra michiganphil.org

Phone: 734-451-2112                  Email: info@michiganphil.org  

The Michigan Philharmonic offers exciting opportunities to provide culturally enriching and educational programming in Plymouth, Canton and surrounding communities. The orchestra plays a full season of concerts from September to May, with several special concerts and events throughout the year.

Qyteti Music Studio

Phone: 586-770-7180                     Email: hektorviolin@yahoo.com

Hektor has taught private violin lessons since 1997. He previously taught at Evola Music, and currently teaches at PARC in room 110. My integrative teaching style features three elements: a scale or other technical exercise, a primary piece, and music theory instruction.