Parent-Tot Beginner: 25 minutes/$16 per class/6 months-1 year/Limit 10 students per class- Swim diapers are required.

A child’s first experience with the water is formed within their first year of life! It is very important to not only give them a positive experience, but include exposure to how they should react around water, the rules of being around water, and experience gravity and buoyancy training.

We practice the following skills:

  • Submersion training (start at 4 months)
  • Back Float
  • Breathing Control
  • Correct Holds
  • Bonding
  • Comfort
  • Using cues
  • Survival safety

The focus of survival safety is to teach infants how to turn over onto their backs in the event of them falling into a body of water. Even with this practice, this does not make a swimmer drown-proof. We recommend that all layers of protection be put in place- supervision, fencing, pool arms, locks on gates, and all children get formal swimming lessons so they know how to swim.

Parent-Tot Intermediate: 25 minutes/$16 per class/1 yr- 4 yrs. Limit 10 students per class- Swim diapers are required.

This is a continuation class from Parent-Tot Beginner. A parent accompanies their child in water to become more independent, explore the use of swimming equipment, increase arm/leg movement, submersion training, blowing bubbles, and survival safety. The instructor may begin practicing skills will swimmer to test if the swimmer is ready for Guppies.


Guppies: 40 minutes/$16 per class/4-6yrs./4 students per instructor

Students must be completely independent/comfortable climbing in the pool and holding on the wall without a parent. Parents are required to sit in the balcony. Intro to safety rules, blowing bubbles, going under the water, arm/leg action to move through the water with support from instructor and equipment.

Level 1: 40 minutes/ $16 per class /5-8yrs./5 students per instructor

Students must be comfortable swimming with support from the instructor, going completely under the water, and blowing bubbles. Intro to floating independently, blowing nose bubbles, treading, and jumping. Focus on swimming with minimal support from equipment or instructor.

Level 2: 40 minutes/ $16 per class/7-9 yrs./5 students per instructor

The student must be able to blow nose bubbles, flow independently, and begin swimming on front and back with little to no support from the instructor. Emphasis will be on swimming independently, rotary breathing, treading, and diving.

Level 3: 40 minutes/ $16 per class/8-12 yrs./5 students per instructor

Students must be able to swim 25 yards independently on the front with rotary breathing and on back. Focus on the refinement of freestyle and backstroke. Intro to turns, breaststroke, butterfly, and standing dives.

Level 4: 40 minutes/ $16 per class/9-14 yrs./5 students per class

Students must be able to swim 50 yards of each stroke. Focus on refinement of turns, stroke refinement, and endurance. Great for preparing for the swim team.

Swim team prep: 50 minutes/ $16 per class/10-14 yrs./5 students per class

Students must be able to complete 100 yards of each stroke. Prepares students to join a swim team. Students learn to follow a practice, gain better endurance and technique correction for strokes, starts, and turns.

Please note, for any classes where there is only one student registered, the class will be 30 minutes in length.

Private lessons:

One on one instruction/ 40 minutes/ $35 per class /5 yrs. and up

Semi-private: One instructor per two students/40 minutes/$30 per class per child/ 5 yrs. and up

Students must be at the same swimming level to be signed up together. If they are not, they must become 2 privates.


Need Assistance?

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Office: You can visit our aquatics office located inside of PARC. Park in the back of the building and enter through the activity entrance. Our office is down the hall on the left.