Acorn Glassworks -

Phone: 248-845-8463        Email:

Philip Yamron is the owner and operator of Acorn Glassworks located in room 120 of the Art Wing. Acorn Glassworks is a public access glassblowing studio.  We offer glassblowing classes and courses, workshops, public demonstrations, private events and family friendly seasonal open houses.  Our goal is to share the ancient timeless art of glassmaking with the Plymouth community and surrounding areas.

Amy Fell -
Phone: 248-974-0220         Email:

Amy is an independent artist with a studio located in the Artist Collective at PARC. She is a contemporary realist painter. You can find out more about Amy and view her work by visiting her website, following her on Pinterest or Instagram.

Art Foundation: Tony Roko


Tony Roko is an independent artist in his own studio in room 115a at PARC. From factory floors to gallery walls, Roko’s signature portraits celebrate the human figure with vivid, brilliant colors inspired by Detroit’s industrial past. Roko was selected to create a series of paintings to act as the new face of Atwater Brewery, bringing the Detroit company’s signature brews and spirits to 30 states and European markets. Most recently, Tony has partnered with Wolverine Human Service to form the Art Foundation, a non-profit organization fostering creative minds for at-risk children.

Central PARC Pottery & Art Studios      Phone: 734-578-1298


Leslie Greeneisen is the owner and operator of Central PARC Art Studios located in room 116 at PARC. The Central PARC Art Studios have pottery classes, workshops, and single-session events for beginners to experienced potters or all age.

Charles Barker -

Phone: 313-506-5643          Email:  

Charles F. Barker is a local Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. He is located in room 305 at PARC. Charles offers workshops on how to write, illustrate, and publish Children’s books. You can find more information by visiting his website.

Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity-       

Phone: 248-954-4503        Email:

The Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity provides the tools, training and community to rediscover the creativity you were born with, reconnect with your inner wisdom and transform the life stories that no longer serve you. Located in Room 204.

Kriskraf Photography

Phone: 734-751-8282           Email:

Located in 212 at PARC, Kriskraf Photography is owned and operated by Krisjan Krafchak. He is an independent photographer that photographs senior pictures, businesses, families, and more.

Mary Lane Glass


Plymouth Artist   

Phone: 734-335-8759  Email:

Located in Room 118, Plymouth Artist Collective hosts 6 Resident Artists. In the Shared Studio we host classes, workshops and other events to get the community involved in art. Check out the website or Facebook page for class schedule and updates.